Acrylic Classes:

Take about 2 - 3 hrs. to teach a painting.   We can arrange paint times around your schedule weeknights/weekends:   Times are flexible.   I arrive about 1 hour before class and stay 1 hour after to clean up.    I will need trash cans, & water available.  

If you are a pub/restaurant - You provide tables and chairs and I will need your tables cleaned off and I will provide covers for your tables.     We will need 2-3 weeks to promote the event properly.  A regular commitment on a regular basis.   We try it out and see how it goes.  If it goes well , we decide how often you would like to do classes .    If you would like to promote on your website - let me know and I will send you a flyer.

Oil Paintings:   (Bob Ross - wet on wet technique)  

 5 hr class:  which depending whether you have a day class or evening class it will include a 1 hr break for lunch or dinner depending on our scheduled time.


My Mission:

Is to create an atmosphere of fun and for you to enjoy what you are doing , learning and send you home with a masterpiece you created !


TERMS & CONDITIONS :   All payments are non refundable -      Unless there is an emergency in which you can call and we can reschedule you for another class.     802-565-0128



Sip and paint classes   .  ( Florida- $25.00 per person ) (if you live more then 30 minutes away cost will be adjusted.)  dates, times, locations & cost will be posted

and must be paid for online.

Acrylic painting 2- 3  hrs

Private Classes-   a minimum of 8 people -  anything over 10

the host paints free.

Cost per person:   (Florida - $25.00)per person.    There is a $50.00 Booking Fee up Front - to hold the date for your class. ( this will befully returned to you- on the date of your class if you have a total of 10 or more people.  If you have less then 10 then a $25.00 refund will go to you.) If you cancel less then 2 weeks before it will not be refunded.  If you do not hold your class because you couldn't get the attendance it does not get refunded to you.

I will need to arrive about 1 hour early to set up

If it will take me more then 1 hour to get to the destination a price per person will be worked out with you.


Oil Painting:   Ages 15 -Adult

- 5 hr classes includes a 1 hr . break for lunch or dinner depending on time scheduled.

Cost per person is $55.00  

There will be classes held in certain locations that get paid for online- check my calendar for dates.

Private parties:  minimum of 8 people - anything over 10 the host paints for free.

If you are over 30 minutes in my driving time the cost of class will be adjusted.

$50.00 Booking fee to hold your date. ( will be returned on date of class if you have 10 people or over.  If you have less then 10- $25.00 will be returned to you.




     For student classes :   ALL NEGOTIATED WITH SCHOOL - please contact me and we can talk about it.